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September Reboot!

Mid September Reboot!

At the very least life got in the way and really halted my intentions for this site.

I can confidentially say that what makes this reboot different to the last is that I have become clearer than before about my goals, career path and career strategy.

I now have a vision and have created a structure that promotes more disciplined practices.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading. I not too long ago…

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this was pretty fun to do

Some Taillow therapy drawings <3

💖✨A Great Warrior Poster in the wild! Nice meeting you Carly!(✨💖

'Droid battle' commissioned for J. Anderson (C) 2014. 

Where did my treat go?
Christina Milian - Call Me, Beep Me!



Call Me, Beep Me - Kim Possible

I accidentally had my earbuds unplugged, and after the first beep my brother sat up and said “KIM POSSIBLE!”